Friday, 18 October 2013

Under the botafumeiro

There have been two lovely touches these last two days. Carrie and I set off in the dark yesterday and enjoyed the atmosphere on a misty morning . About 11km out we stopped for a coffee . I was soon deep in conversation with Carmen behind the bar . When Carrie went to the rest room I offered to pay . The lady has paid for her coffee said Carmen and I am not charging you as you speak such good Spanish!You can pay next time.
There was a real sense of expectancy as Carrie and I entered the narrow streets of the old city of Santiago. Whilst arriving is not everything it is a significant moment. My first disappointment was that it is no longer possible to enter the Cathedral through the front door via the Portico of Glory. Carrie and I had photos taken and we mingled with familiar faces. Tim,the Anglican priest was there and Jan from Denmark whom I haven't seen since Burgos.Remi and Isabel were also there .
Carrie wanted to get her Compostela immediately and then the two of us had a celebratory drink . We had some problems locating our lodgings but a local policeman gave us good instructions. I found Simon in the room when I arrived and,after a welcome shower I accompanied him back to the Cathedral where we met up with Pauleen and David.
After catching up with my blog I joined up with many companions from the Camino and in the evening about 12 of us had a lovely tapas supper.
This morning I set out in search of the hotel where Alex Kenyon and her dad would be staying .Initially I headed in the wrong direction and,as it was beginning to rain, I took a taxi. It was only my second excursion in a vehicle since 13th August! Even though it was only 8am when I arrived  the lady at reception said that she would give me a room . When she discovered that I am a priest she also offered me a free breakfast! The buffet was delicious.
I wandered back into town and was the first at the Pilrim Office to get my compostela.I visited a couple of museums and was in the Cathedral at 11.20.It was already filling up . It was wonderful to see Alex and also many fellow pilgrims . The mass was led very thoughtfully by the Vicar General . After the Communion the Botafumeiro was spectacularly set into action . It was a fitting end . Alex,her dad and I then had a delicious tapas lunch.


  1. Aujourd'hui la St. LUC, nous pensons particulièrement à toi.
    Profites bien de Santiago, tu l'as bien mérité car le camino n'est pas facile physiquement et psychologiquement!!!
    Puis le Finistere et le retour pas facile non plus même quand on le fait en plusieurs fois!! Mais in fine cela fait di bien!!
    BRAVO et à bientôt?
    Isabelle et Pierre

  2. Bravo, je pense fort a toi Gerard moi je suis arriver le mardi a Santiago très heureux j'ai malheureusement du partir dès le jeudi pour prendre le bateau
    je regrette de ne pas t avoir revu sur le chemin
    bon courage pour fisteria
    a bientôt