Monday, 21 October 2013

Into the west and the rain

It felt strange spending the evening preparing the rucksack . I was up before 7 and enjoyed my last buffet breakfast . I managed to get myself lost in the university campus but eventually found the route . There were three other walkers . I had started off without waterproofs.As we climbed the hill we were rewarded by fine views back to the Cathedral . By 9.00am the rain had set in and it stayed for the rest of the day.
A number of years ago I attended a course about the Rite of Initiation of Adults . After their baptism they are supposed to spend time in mystagogia.This is really a time of reflection . In many ways that is the purpose of the walk to Finisterre . It is an opportunity to reflect on the experience of the Camino . For much of today I was on my own in lovely villages and woods . I was able to allow my mind to wander over the experience of the last nine weeks.
Around 11.30am I stopped at a bar and ordered a cheese roll . I engaged the bar man in conversation and he had a glorious anti-clerical comment saying that the Church had not promoted the route to Finisterre because there was no money in it for them! Shortly after the bar I crossed the Puente Maceria a wonderful medieval bridge . I was on the edge of Negreria by 1pm but decided that since I was already soaked I would press on . As the rain increased in intensity I wondered about the wisdom of the decision . Eventually I reached Vilasario after 35km,one of the longer days of the entire Camino.  

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  1. At Santiago you got your "Compostella"! Soon you will be a proudly owner of the "Finisterriana"!