Monday, 14 October 2013

in touching distance

Mike and I left Samos together on a still Sunday morning. After a slight navigational difficulty we were wandering down beautiful valleys and incredibly poor hamlets. At one point Mike asked whether I would hear his confession. That was a ' Camino first'. Later he suggested that I head on . I arrived at Sarria in the mid morning only to find that the places advertised to stamp my creencial were closed.
Just beyond the town I took a break at Barbadelo. Mike and I had identified Ferrerios as a likely place to spend the night but,when I arrived,there was a large group of Spanish school children having a picnic lunch! I decided to head on, (At Santiago Mike told me that the albergue had been excellent)
At Mercadoiro I passed a bar with an Albergue attached . I enquired and was told that there was ample space . The owners are two delightful young men from Valencia who have restored an old farm house . It was quiet and the food was excellent . I settled down to a rest only to let my washing get soaked in a shower. This morning I enjoyed my breakfast and I set off on a  fine morning and the stars were still shining . It felt as if they are closer now . I enjoyed the silence and the peace . At this stage of the pilgrimage I treasure every minute.
At the town of Portomarin I was blessed by the most beautiful sunrise . I walked for over two hours with Cissy who left Le Puy a week before me. Curiuosly she introduced me to Cindy who had also left Le Puy on 4th August and with whom I woukd later spend two memorable days at Finisterre. Later in the morning I met so many friends including Pauline and David.
I lunched with Hellen and David and we were joined by a striking character from Memphis.  By the end of the day I was in Palas del Rey with only 66 km to go


  1. Harvest all gathered in and planted for next year, hard to believe you have been so far while we have been in our own little world on top of the hill! Enjoy your last few days much love from the Gregorys

  2. Glad that the harvest has gone well. Now only 40km to go