Wednesday, 23 October 2013

And the sun shone at the end of the earth

Even at this late stage in the pilgrimage there are novelties! The latest one was blessing an Albergue. It began yesterday evening when I was talking to Domingo in the bar . A woman came in who turned out to be his mother and,when she heard that I was a priest, asked me to bless the Albergue . It was planned for 7.00pm but Domino's dad took me off to Cee to meet the local priest . Sorry,at 8.00am this morning I did the blessing.
I set off in the dark but was optimistic that the day would be fine . Once I had passed the carbide plant I was on an ancient path through Eucalyptus and Pine forest . I fell into a deep meditation about all that had happened , and then began praying for so many people.Deep in the forest I passed the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows.The descent to Cee was tortuous because of the damage done by monday's rain.Even before Cee there were glorious views to Fisterra.
In Concurbion a woman told me that I was going the wrong way! The final stretch was across beautiful white beaches with the sun shining in my face . I checked into a rather expensive hotel and then set off for the lighthouse . Halfway along I met Yuri on his way back . Just short of the lighthouse the way marker said quite simply 0.00km! It was a very moving moment . I paused in the lighthouse to have my creencial stamped and headed for the head land . I soon spied Cindy from Canada who had left Le Puy on 4th August . It was a special moment.
With Cindy and her daughter and her friend we explored the whole area and Cindy suggested that I join them for supper.
I wandered into town to get my Fistera which is much more impressive than the Compostela!
I bumped into Yuri and invited him for a drink and then headed off to eat Lobster.
Fisterra is certainly a special place.

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  1. On keeping James up to speed on your progress this morning the reply was 'Is he coming home now or is he going to try walking on water!'

    Lots of love