Saturday, 19 October 2013


It has been wonderful to have Alex Kenyon and her dad here to share these few days . Yesterday evening I slipped into the city to say goodbye to some fellow pilgrims . Jan said that the pilgrimage has made him realise that people see him in a much better light than he sees himself . I pointed out that in the Book of Revelation the names of the elect are written on their forehead . We need someone else to tell us what is written on our forehead . I suggested that is what happens on the pilgrimage.
By then it was pouring with rain and I suggested to Alex that they stay at the hotel and I would come back in a taxi . We had a lovely relaxed evening and agreed to meet for breakfast at 9.00am
We went into the city and spent the whole morning visiting the Cathedral and it's museum . We even found them preparing the fire for the Botafumeiro.We stole into the Parador to explore some of its treasures and had another tapas lunch.
Tomorrow we will attend mass together and,after Alex has departed I will prepare for the walk to Finisterre

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