Sunday, 20 October 2013

The road less travelled

There has been an easy rhythm to the visit of Alex and her dad . After lunch yesterday we wandered back to the hotel ,had a break,and then sauntered into the city to visit the museum of pilgrimages . By pure chance we happened on the Bierzo restaurant which had been recommended to us on Friday . After the museum we wandered back to try the wine and liked the place so much that we booked a table for lunch after mass on Sunday.
We had a quiet evening in the hotel and met for breakfast at 9.00am . I had said that I would not concelebrate at mass and we found ourselves a place on the steps at the north transept . The Cathedral was much fuller than Friday and the celebrant led a prayerful and reflective celebration . Of course we were in pole position for a view of the full trajectory of the Botafumeiro.Alex took an excellent video.
Lunch was a splendid affair and I took Alex and Raymond down to get the airport bus from outside the railway station.
On Thursday when I arrived I was prepared to abort my plans for the walk to Finisterre . Now I have decided to use the walk(five days)as an opportunity to reflect on the experience of the last nine weeks . I plan to spend at least two nights at Finisterre to do some writing . Having talked to many pilgrims over the last few days this really is the road less travelled.
So,tomorrow I set off for the end of the earth . For the Celts when the sun disappeared into the ocean it entered the land of eternal youth.Even as recently as the 15th century people still believed that if you went far enough on to the ocean you would fall off the end of the earth.
It will be fascinating to have a new focus and to have time to absorb the experiences of the last two months.

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