Saturday, 26 October 2013

The final sabbath

It is a truism to say that life is full of choices and preferences! After visiting both Fisterra and Muxia I know which is my preferred location to complete the pilgrimage. Of course I am influenced by the fact that today has been a perfect late autumn day with the sun shining. I was also fortunate to arrive at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria de la Barca just as the first rays of the morning sun were touching it . I wandered beaches,paddled in the ocean and soaked up the tranquillity of this tiny fishing port . I encountered two pilgrims who threw themselves into the ocean but was not tempted to imitate them!
On 28th August I rested in Cahors . Now,after 65 days of walking I am doing the same at Muxia . Fisterra and Muxia both feature in the St James legend because they were both sites of worship long before Christianity . Fisterra was the place where the material world met the world of the spirits.Its sacred stones have been a place of worship for millenia . At Muxia stones are again part of the story . On the foreshore in front of the Sanctuary there are some remarkable stones . In the legend of St James,Mary the Mother of God appeared in a stone boat to encourage the Apostle in his preaching . The message is clear-holy stones can be used by God as well as druids . In the legend of St James the idea of spreading the message of Jesus everywhere is always present.
The experience of Muxia was,for me, very profound and the best way to end my pilgrimage.

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