Monday, 28 October 2013

A second bite at the cherry

As I walked out of the hotel in search of breakfast I realised that this is the Feast of St Simon and St Jude. Long before I arrived at Dulce Nombre de Maria one of my predecessors had made an individual parishioner responsible for each main feast . During my time at DNMa the person responsible for this Feast was my next door neighbour Rosa Galdamez who was the wife of Napoleon Flores(Don Napo) The whole Flores Galdamez family have become great friends and I still stay with them when I visit El Salvador . It is a lovely connection especially as I intend to ask permission to concelebrate in the Cathedral today.
Yesterday morning I was due to get the bus before breakfast was served . Despite the early hour, the girl in reception in the hotel at Muxia prepared fresh Orange juice and coffee before I set off to catch the bus . She even offered to make toast.
 As we waited by the placid Atlantic there was a beautiful sunrise rivalling that of two weeks ago at Portomarin. As I watched it I thought of the numerous beautiful sunrises over the last two months. Travelling over 100km on a bus was a strange experience. It is the furthest that I have travelled in motorised transport since 13th August.Towards the end we passed some of the way markers from my route of last Monday . We came into Santiago right by the Hesperia Peregrino where Alex,her dad and I had stayed . I dropped my rucksack at my Hotel before heading back to the Cathedral . It is amazing how the Cathedral is very much the heart of Santiago.
Compared to last Sunday the Cathedral took time to fill up . By noon, however, it was packed . I have been impressed by the quality of the sermons given at the Pilgrims Masses - sadly many pilgrims do not understand the Spanish! The singing was,once again,beautiful.
After a good lunch and a siesta I had another wander through the city with the Cathedral bathed in late evening sunshine . During the night it rained heavily but today has dawned a soft Autumn day.
I checked out a few things in the city then headed to the sacristy to enquire about concelebrating . The Cathedral at Santiago has its own version of a beefeater- red tunicked officials whose main office is to operate the Botafumeiro.One of them was coming out of the sacristy . You are a priest, he said . Of course you can concelebrate and you don't have to ask the nuns! And so,on a second feast of the Apostles, I will get my second bite at the cherry.Nina Rosita (now dead) will be thrilled as will Don Napo and the rest of the family.

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