Monday, 28 October 2013

The Magi

From the beginning of this journey the poem of TS Eliot- The Journey of the Magi-has been a constant reference.Journeying Westwards guided by a star has held resonances throughout . There is a special resonance at Santiago . The Portico de Gloria is,arguably,one of the greatest expressions of Romanesque art . What is less well known is that there is a second portico in the Cathedral by the same master and its subject is the Adoration of the Magi! As I stood before it today I reflected on how Eliot has the Magi changed by their journey . I wonder just how much I have been changed by mine!
Mass today was something special . When I arrived at the sacristy my name was already written down and an English text provided . As it turned out the only other priest was the Celebrant (actually the Dean of the Cathedral). He was extremely friendly and keen that I return next year as an English speaking Chaplain to the Cathedral . During the readings he indicated that I should read the Gospel . Santiago is one of the greatest Cathedrals in Christendom and to read the gospel in Spanish was a huge joy . I read the concelebrants parts of the Eucharistic Prayer in English . It was a truly blessed moment . After Mass the priest introduced me to the coordinator for English speaking pilgrims who turned out to be a Scot from Glasgow and a friend of one of my best friends to boot! He hopes that I can return next year for anything up to a month . What a note to end on!

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