Sunday, 29 September 2013

Under leaden skies

As you go further on the Camino the process changes . The physical effort seems less significant . You feel that you are being called to a deeper and deeper intensity . The process is about reflecting on why you are walking the way . Today I walked with Simon from Melbourne and we covered 35km without noticing .
We set out from Itero with rain threatening. Since the section to Fromista is along a canal, and therefore very flat , we made excellent progress. I had a certain discomfort around my knee. It was only when we reached Fromista that I discovered that the guidebook in my pocket had rubbed away the skin above my knee!
In Fromista we met Pauleen and David over a coffee and then explored the Church of St Martin. Beyond the town the path followed the road all the way to Carrion.
As the kilometres pass the challenge is to remember that the Camino is about personal renewal achieved in the company of others . As Santiago approaches the objective focuses even more clearly . This is not a long distance marathon. It is an invitation to change especially in relation to others . The Camino is a school about relationships . The challenge is to live it out both on the Camino and, especially, when you return home . The leaden skies and the monochrome horizon help to focus on the process.

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  1. Hi, Basil - posts are so good. Thanks for taking the trouble. Terrific. Comments are right on. (We're back from Italy - I'm afraid I didn't allow your walk to interrupt la dolce viata! - J FG