Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lunar landscape

In Aire sur l'Adour Andre had told us to seek out villages . I had been booked into a convent at Santo Domingo but I said to Amede that we should go on to Granon.On the way out of Santo Domingo Amede said that he hadn't sung Ultreia since France . The two of us walked out of Santo Domingo singing lustily.Granon was literally a village with one long street . From the house of smiles we could walk down the street to the only bar. When I went in the owner wanted to know where I was from but you have no accent he said. He then said that there had been two priests in the night before.
The house of smiles was very alternative with graffiti on all of the walls . Amede and I were sharing with an English man who had been at Ampleforth . There was a couple from the South West in the next room . I wandered over to the adjoining hostel and found everyone sleeping on mattresses on the floor . Back at the bar Michael was talking with David and Pauleen from near Ripon . Amede brought over Isabela and Remi.At one point we sang Ultreia and I noticed that Ernesto the owner of the Auberge joined in with gusto.
In Granon there was a sense of community which has been rare during the Spanish section of the Camino. Amede and I headed back for the communal meal which was a little chaotic perhaps in keeping with the ambience of the house of smiles!

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