Friday, 20 September 2013

Ambushed ( postscript)

I don't know if the final section of yesterday's post came through. Here it is in case. It was only 11.30 when I arrived at Los Arcos. I was tempted to carry on, but decided to enjoy the short day. Gingerly I rang the bell to the Albergue-I heard a voice shouting I'm coming. What do you want said the lady who opened the door.  She was a little curt but checked my reservation and let me in. She showed me round and then disappeared. While I was doing my laundry she carried on a conversation from the first floor where she was still clearing up.
Later I headed to the square in the face of on- coming pilgrims. I met both Carlos and the two men from Belfast. They told me that Gony had already passed by. Jan appeared and commented on the conversation last night. If all people from Israel were like Gony then there would be no conflict. I thought that it was a generous and gracious comment. 

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