Thursday, 5 September 2013

A jolly day

The ancient bridge 1000 km from Santiago
The medieval walled village

As I wandered towards the 'naked man' chapel I wondered what I should do if I met him! The story is so resonant of the occasion in the Gospel when Jesus met a possessed man who lives among the graves. One thing is sure Jesus never treated any person as an object of curiosity and He faced up to every situation. Sure enough when I came to the chapel it was at the end of a vineyard and there were graves! Most of you will be glad to hear that there was no sign of the man!
I sauntered along to Montreal du Gers, found that the Germans had taken over the church, quickly said my prayers and retired to a bar for a coke. I was leaving the town when I heard someone call my name. It was Isabel, I went and greeted her and then headed off. We later met again and the three of us completed the day together. The previous night Elena had booked me into the Gite Communal in Eauze. I had visions of something basic. I headed for the tourist office and was directed to a lovely building just over the road. You are in Gite 5 I was told. I had hardly crossed the threshold when Raphael appeared out of the bedroom. The Gite was for 4 and Pierre and Isabel were the other two.That evening the four of us shared a lovely meal in the central square of Eauze . It was a night to rival the evening at Cahors.
We had a jolly evening and today have walked 20km to Nogaro

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