Friday, 13 September 2013

Reflections and plans

Having left Pierre and Isabel at the station I went off to a park to do some writing. At 9 I went to Carrefour to buy some toothpaste. At the post office I collected my package and despatched my Le Puy guide back to England. I settled into the tourist office to write my blog. About 11.15 I went in search of a coffee and met Hubert. We enjoyed the coffee, looked for a suitable restaurant and then he suggested that I drop my things at the Gite. He is full of surprises. He had arranged an aperitif with the owner! We shared a lovely half hour. These sorts of meetings are an essential part of the pilgrimage, he said. We had a delicious lunch and a thoughtful conversation.
As I come to the end of the French section of my pilgrimage three words come to mind- graciousness, generosity, and hospitality. A pilgrimage is a time of personal renewal but it is also an opportunity to allow others to minister to you. That has been true in abundance this last month.
I will be sad to leave France!  I have visited some incredibly beautiful places, met some remarkable people, and coped with the language. If the Spanish section is as blessed this will be a remarkable experience.
Before I set off in August I seriously considered abandoning the idea. Now it is possible to consider the arrival at Santiago. I have noted Friday 18th October the feast of St Luke as my favoured date. 35 days for the Spanish section will give me time to reflect.
First things first. Tomorrow at 6.00am Hubert and I set off to cross the Pyrenees. 

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