Friday, 23 August 2013

The eighth day (cont' d)

After a slightly restless night there was a general sense of focus on the journey to Conques. For the medieval mind the church building has a real significance. It is a foretaste of heaven. When you enter the building you are in the presence of God. Medieval churches were so big so that they could be seen for miles. I reflected that during my training the two buildings which were often present were Gloucester Cathedral and Tewkesbury Abbey. In my time at Ampleforth one of my favourite walks was up the hill to see York Minster 23 miles away seeming like a great ship in the plain of York. Going to Conques was a reminder of the significance of the journey.
Despite this observation one of the characteristics of Conques is that it is hidden from all directions . The only sense that I was getting close to it was the increasing number of walkers.

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  1. I hope the shower was hot and the bed comfortable for €10. These posting are inspirational. They make the journey a living event in which we are privileged to share.Keep it up!
    Alan Crickmore