Wednesday, 28 August 2013


On the 7th day God rested and on the 14th so did I!  I am now in Cahors. I identified this as a likely stopping place before I set off. Yesterday began a magical day with sun and mist. The mist created strange patterns. At one point it caused the sun to focus on the metal on a telegraph pole creating the shape of a cross. Later as I descended a shaded lane behind me the mist created an impression of fire. Both mist and fire are appropriate symbols for the pilgrimage . The mist is a symbol of our lack of clarity and our failure to attune ourselves to God's way of doing things . The fire is one of the archetypal symbols and reminds us of our need for purification.
I noticed that my shadow was elongated in front of me. As the sun grew higher in the sky my shadow was more its normal size and closer to me. It struck me that a pilgrimage is about walking with your shadow. Daniel came along at one of my breaks and I didn't see him again until the end of the day. I was tired when Cahors came in sight and had developed a pain in my back . I had another detour in finding the gite which Daniel and I had  to ourselves. We went over to the wonderful Cathedral to have our credentials stamped and to attend the mass. There was a pilgrim' site blessing at the end and one of those blessed had started in Geneva!  Over supper Daniel surprised me by saying that he was heading on tomorrow . He had been my companion for over a week and I had enjoyed his calm presence.
The following morning I saw him off having exchanged addresses and I settled down to read the Psalms. I planned the day carefully. It began with a visit to the pharmacy, aptly called the St George! The pharmacist was most helpful but also said that a day' site rest would do me a lot of good. I then went to see the impressive Pont Valentre and the path for tomorrow. I then headed for the tourist office to find where I could get wifi. To my surprise I found that they offered this service free in the office itself!  I spent over an hour doing my blog and oblivious to what was going on around me. Around 11.30 I decided that lunch beckoned, and then at a whim decided to go to the accueil of pilgrim's to book some gites for the coming days. As I entered the office the first person that I met was Carolina!  We greeted warmly. She and Tim are in the same gite and so I suggested that we get together for supper. A pilgrimage is full of wonderful encounters!  I spent 20 minutes while the ladies booked three nights for me and then retired for a delicious lunch. Three cheers for Shabbat! 

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