Saturday, 24 August 2013

A quieter day.

Carolina and I had a look round the village and then headed off to our gites. At the blue Shell the door was open and there was a message to leave your sack. I was just doing this when Claire the owner appeared. She offered me juices and water.
She explained where I could do the washing and booked me into a place in Figeac for tomorrow. I rested and then headed into the village since I had arranged to meet Carolina at 6.00. On my way up I met a young man whom I recognised from Conques. He greeted me warmly and said that Carolina was in the square. I also saw Daniel. Carolina and Tim told me that they wanted me to have supper at their gite which had a lovely garden. The young French man was called Anavery and originated from Finisterre in Britanny. He is now an engineer working in Paris and learned his first English at Kenmore on Loch Tay. As well as Daniel there was a woman who originated from Franche Compte but who now lives in Brussels. Since the weather had improved we had a lovely evening in the garden. It is amazing how a pilgrimage throws up so many chance encounters.
This morning dawned damp and breakfast was in Claire's sitting room. Donned with my cape I was on the road just after 7.00am. It was a gentle walk and I had a huge salad and charcuterie at 11. I later met Carolina. At Figeac I called at the tourist office to locate my lodgings. I seem to have them to myself. A lovely quiet day.

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