Saturday, 31 August 2013


 Having bumped into Carolina and Tim at the Accueil I spent the next twenty minutes arranging my accomodation for the next three days. I wandered back past the Cathedral to the bar which had taken my fancy the night before but which Daniel had found too expensive! The €14.50 menu was still available and I was given a table right on the street. I ordered salad and a crepe and a half bottle of Cahors wine.
I noticed something about my attitude to Cahors compared to Fijeac. I stayed in pilgrim mode dallying in the street and not rushing about. It made a huge difference! It soon became obvious to me that I had inadvertently come across one of the sort after eating places! People were coming by with their D and K guides and it was not long before the outside tables were all full. A party of six brits turned up and were disgruntled to be placed inside. Eventually people were being turned away. I savoured my food and wine. Before I knew it an hour and a half had passed by! When I went to pay the bill I noticed that two people had taken my table even before it had been cleared.
I wandered off to the tourist office to write another blog and then to the supermarket to buy bread for the evening and soap (I had left mine at Cajarc!). As I was leaving the supermarket I met Tim who said that the gite was closed until 3.30. Since I knew that there was a place to sit outside I sauntered back. It was not long before Tim joined me. The gite opened promptly and I rested for 20 minutes before returning to town to buy the food for the evening. In the market I met Carolina and Anavery. I suggested a supper of Kiche, Pate, Salad, Potatoes, and Fruit. Carolina said that she was off to the railway station to buy her ticket for tomorrow but would be back to help with the preparations.
In fact it was a simple supper to prepare as the potatoes were the only thing that needed cooking!  Tim was around and Anavery soon appeared. When Carolina returned everything was nearly ready.
We had a delightful evening and both Carolina and Anavery wanted my blogspot. Over the meal they quizzed me about a whole variety of things. After supper Anavery was already connected! I did ask him about the waymarkers and he said that they are done by volunteers!
We talk a lot in the Church about evangelisation. I reflected on the long conversation with Marion in Espalion and her comments: I can't believe that I am having this conversation with a Catholic priest, and I dont know what my grandfather would think as he is a communist! In my conversations with Carolina and Anavery over a number of days I reflected that evangelisation only begins when we meet people and share with the, reflectively. On the Chemin that happens spontaneously!
Carolina said that she would have to leave just after six and I said that I would put on the coffee. Anavery grimmaced at this but then admitted that he had to meet someone around 7.30. You can be my alarm clock he said. I went to bed around 9 but didnt fall asleep until the lights were put out around 11. It didnt matter as I felt that I was resting.

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