Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Quite a lot of Lot

Dawn broke still and cool but I sensed from the lack of wind that it would be a hot day . Yesterday I discovered that my sun hat had fallen from my pocket,luckily I could replace it in the town. Daniel and I had to wait for the bread to arrive before we could have breakfast. Daniel commented that it would be a long day. Our route wound its way along the Lot. There is a leapfrog effect on the road where you pass and re-pass each other. In the early morning there was a real sense of the approach of autumn. The meadows were drenched with the dew. By 8.30 the sun was already hot. The day got hotter and hotter. Above Estaing the route climbed steadily as the river dropped away . There was a young French family enjoying the glorious weather . It was easy for them to outpace me!  Around 1pm I emerged from the woods with spectacular views back over the route of the previous days. Over a stop by a well the Dutch quizzed me. Most people here don't think that there are any Catholics in England! They were fascinated about Salvador. Part of the pilgrimage experience is to share stories. It was an intensely hot day but,as I reached Golinhac the views were quite overpowering.

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