Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Il n'y pas le chemin. ..

Those of you who have walked the Camino know that, as you approach Santiago, there is a sense of sadness. The very act of walking, and it's rituals, becomes the focus of your life. Today, as I shouldered my sack for the final time, I experienced that sadness.
There are two aspects to this -what is experienced on the Camino is really precious, but what makes it even more precious is our ability to translate the lessons learned to our daily lives. I was reminded of the saying written above the fire at Le Ferme de Bousee.  'Il n'y a pas le chemin au bonheur, le bonheur c'est le chemin. '

As we walk the Camino we learn things about ourselves and others. The challenge is not to forget them when we return home.

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  1. This is so true... I have enjoyed your writings here and in the facebook. Thank you for sharing! Hugs from Buenos Aires.